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November 6th, 2010
I'm overjoyed to bring you all (including myself) Sergio Gutierrez' Metal Mesh bags, at my shop and to my websites.  What took me so long?   "Magical" is the first word that came to mind when I began touching them.  They remind me of something the Elvin Princess in Lord of the Rings would carry...replete with the elixirs and positive omen.  These bags are so sumptuous, I'm having difficulty deciding which to keep myself!  I didn't realize that many of them are lined with white vinyl, and have zipper close.  The tiniest ones snap close.  One might think they're a little small for a purse; let this be a lesson to us all; do we really need to carry more than a little cash or credit card, a key or two and some lipstick...and perhaps a cell phone every now and then.  Note that the Mystique Mesh Bag, Cassiopeia and Full Moon will fit even more.

Keep on the lookout...I'm adding Sergio's Leather and Suede Purses next! 

October 3rd, 2009

In honor of Fall colors, today began our 'Golden Liquid Metal Collection' sale! 
This is a first for us and we hope you'll partake as we roll into the Holiday Seasons.

I for one have my table covered with pumpkins, which have tasty Mediterranean dishes in their future.

As the wind blows old leaves around us and we busy ourselves stocking up for the chilly weather; may your Fall be a wondrous one!


July 29th, 2009

Jillian, Jillian, Jillian Harris...what bracelet ARE you wearing on The Bachelorette? 

I believe you are wearing a Sergio Gutierrez, Liquid Metal COPY!  To get the real thing, type the word "Golden" into our search box, and all of our authentic Golden bracelets will magically appear! 

July 24th, 2009

Here are some details about the behavior of gold and silver plated finishes used in Liquid Metal Jewelry and about plated metals in general.  I will discuss the occasional case where the metal wears off to the underlying base metal.


The plain pieces from the Classic Collection (without Swarovski crystals) are made of nickel plated brass ball chain.   


The Swarovski crystal pieces from the Roots Collection are silver plated and antiqued brass ball chain.


The Golden Collection are 24K gold plated silver, antiqued bracelets.  The antiquing is achieved through an oxidation process.  As a result, they often have a different degree of antiquing...so that some are bright gold (or silver in the case of the antiqued silver pieces) while others have a darker finish.  We don't have any way to control or request different finishes, but accept them as they come to us.  There's always someone who prefers either the bright or the dark finish, so they always sell.  You can request a finish and if we have more than one in the same style to choose from, will send you something closer to what you want.


As for the metal shifting:  Firstly, metal plating can wear off of jewelry over time and a lot of wear.  This depends on the wearer's habits.  There are also people with highly acidic chemistry, whose sweat will react with the plating and wear it down to the silver in the areas where it makes contact with the skin.  In the case of the silver bracelets, it can wear down to the brass, which has a gold color.  This happens in probably 2 to 5 % of people.  It's not highly unusual, nor is it the norm.  We have heard of people spraying the back of their bracelet with a clear acrylic or clear enamel spray paint to inhibit their chemistry from reacting with the metal.

July 17, 2009

Everybody's talking about Sergio's new Black Chrome collection! They're making our stash now...and people are lining up to be the first to add it to their collections.

Visit Sergio's site to see the new pieces, both in Black Chrome, the new Silver/Gold, Classic Silver Antic, Purple Suede and Purple Leather, at http://lmcollection.com

The items not included on his site are the following four designs:

Black Chrome Flight is the same design as out Golden Flight
Black Chrome Diamond Stream is the same design as our Diamond Stream
Black Chrome Niobe is the same design as our Niobe
Black Chrome Pandora is the same design as our Pandora

To be among the first to order the Black Chrome or other new collections, please call us at (707) 865 2461

December 4, 2008

Greetings this fine December morning.  I hope all of you are fairing well in this month of the shortest days.

I recommend drinking St. John's Wort tea if you are finding it difficult coping with the darker moments.   It is called the Sunshine Herb due to its healing effects on the mind.   I've been doubling my dose to two cups a day.

We have a handful of pretty fabulous specials going on in our Sergio Gutierrez, Liquid Metal Jewelry department.  Remember that you can view them all on one page in photo images by clicking Liquid Metal Jewelry in the left menu.

Visit our new site, www.liquidmetaljewelry.com   I have been working hard for the last few months to bring more beauty and entertainment to you and the world.  There are a few items that are not yet available at Studio Nouveau.com...so please check it out!

We regret to announce that our Canadian friends who have brought the Italian brass line of home accessories to us has gone out of business.  We purchased, in a mad dash, the last handful of our favorite items, like the Ship's Candlestick.  However, our quantities are very limited.

Please write to me if you are inspired.  I am always open to proof readings and to hear your stories.

I hope your holidays are wondrous.  I will wish for magic in your lives.

Warmly and with great thanks,


April 12, 2008


Confidence is not cocky. It is the self-assured knowledge you were born to live in love, to give and receive, to share and care. It is knowing the world is a better place because of your presence on this planet. Beauty is not arrogant. It is the radiant knowledge you are a complete human being. It is knowing that nothing can make you more beautiful than the way you were created. If you are not a living expression of true confidence and beauty, you haven't lost them.
You've simply forgotten you have them. Dig deep, look back and remember.
Terri McPherson


February 28, 2008


The deepest hunger of the human soul is to be understood, to feel heard, to feel validated.  The deepest hunger of the human body is for air.  If you can listen to another person, in depth, until they feel understood, it's the ezuivalent of giving them air.

Steven Covey


February 24, 2008


Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed. It can be ignored. To the extent that we abandon love we will feel it has abandoned us. Denying love is our only problem, and embracing it is the only answer. Through the power of love, we can let go of past history and begin again. Love heals, forgives, and makes whole.
Ernest Holmes


February 7, 2008


Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.



January 3, 2008


The Winding Project

Her wings are the color

Of Cornflower petals

Her sacred belly

Shines like the sun

Its silver reflection

The window of life

With Ravens

She flies in unison

If winding is not

With the keenest attention

Given to lift off her dreams

Then grounded shell lie

Staring up at the stars

Like a windmill

Whose tattered arms scream

Though neither is spiraling

Faster than lightning

Through tunnels which blind her in light

Concupiscence scurries

Away with her heart

When winding is hurried to tight

Somewhere between

Her head and the Earth

It fluttered in...White as a Dove

Wide eyed and smiling

The project of winding

Not loosely, nor taught

But with Love

by Andrea Record January 3rd, 2008


December 2, 2007


"I awoke and at times birds fled and migrated that had been sleeping in your soul." Pablo Neruda


Dear Lovely people who have taken the time to explore this labor of love and passion, through all my sweat and tears, research and dreaming....Welcome!


I promise to speak my mind here...something that should prove to be at least mildly entertaining, as I'm known to explore a variety of subjects and love to talk about them.


I also hope you'll spend some time visiting the fascinating articles I've discovered in my "Articles" pages.

I will be adding to these as time permits.


If you are so inclined, please fling an email through the contact button.  My friends are often too busy to proof read my stories and descriptions...And I look forward to your ideas and comments...I think!  LOL


Today, I brought several new Liquid Metal Bracelets to the site.  I also added a biography on Sergio Gutierrez, the father of Liquid Metal Mesh Jewelry.  He is a wonderful designer, who never ceases to amaze me!


I've also decided to offer a couple of Liquid Metal Bracelets at a special, sale price.  This is a first.

Look for them in my "Specials" section.   For those who are dying to know..."Linx" and "Flinging Arrows" are included!


Talk again soon!



December 3, 2007


A beautiful lady from Windsor (in Sonoma County, California), and her sister came through town yesterday.  Her name is Barbara.  She found studionouveau.com online and just so happened to stumble upon the story of Gloria's Gem, where she discovered that our store, Studio Nouveau, is only 1/2 hour from her town!  Thank you Barbara, for reminding me to add that critical info to my site.  Duh!


For all of you who would like to come for a visit...Studio Nouveau is in Duncans Mills, only 1-1/2 hours from San Francisco, between Jenner and Guerneville, on the Russian River.  5 minutes from our door, the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean.  We are in the heart of the world-renowned Sonoma County Wine Country, and surrounded by giant Redwoods, sweeping hills, Cypress trees, horses, cows, blue heron, and tremendous beauty.  Duncans Mills is an old Mill town from the turn of the 20th century.  With a population of 80, our Western village hosts a handful of antique shops, art galleries, a Wine and Cheese tasting room, a General Store, and several unique gift shops.   Come and visit us and have a taste of our Pinot Noir dipped Bing Cherries, covered in French chocolate, or a Port Caramel ball rolled in cocoa and Chili!


Come soon!



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