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To say that the horse is a beautiful creature, is simply an understatement. We at Studio Nouveau, appreciate the mystique, grace and spirit of the horse. We've collected a lovely assortment of objects of beauty for the home, with the horse as a favorite theme.
Andrea has been taking horse-back riding lessons. She wears a silver horses head on her finger, and just can't get enough equine experience. Her goal in the near future, is to take a horse-back pack trip, combining nights around camp fires in a sleeping bag, with bed and breakfast stays!
We hope you enjoy our assortment. We are in the process of adding new items now!
Horses for the Home

Horses for the Home


I Belong I was standing on a ladder, washing my window when he walked into Studio Nouveau.
His silver hair was pony-tailed back. He wore Ray Bans...inside the store! Of course one cannot help but wonder if the guy was practicing mystery...perhaps he had a hangover? About a half hour latter, he came out. I was already enchanted...and still am!

His eyes are a soft brown that
has seen a lot, and synthesized that lot into an arsenal of fabulous stories I apparently
have a deficit of.

We spoke of everything from hunting a boar with rifle vs. bow and arrow, to a paper he wrote as a youth on Spinster English, to the lack of bolo-ties in Texas. I even taught him the fine art of eating an exotic chocolate bar. He seemed to like that!

Now, I can`t get his voice out of my head...nor John Denver`s "I belong...in West Virginia..." Indeed, that is where this anomaly in these parts originated. And so I count the minutes when I will be blessed by another visit from James.

Made in Italy, of Antique brass, this horse clock is something you might see in West Virginia. With its stallion atop a mountain...surly in Appalachia, what a great way to hold the time.

A quartz movement frees you from having to wind it.
The batteries are, of course, replaceable.

Approximately 14-3/4" x 5" x 12-1/5" tall.
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