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Click to see details of Juliette`s Kiss  ~  ~  ~ ~ A Liquid Metal Choker

Juliette`s Kiss ~ ~ ~ ~ A Liquid Metal Choker


Click to see details of Portia`s Purrr  ~  A Liquid Metal Bracelet

Portia`s Purrr ~ A Liquid Metal Bracelet


Click to see details of Emerald Waters ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace ~

Emerald Waters ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace ~


Click to see details of Mystique Mesh Bag

Mystique Mesh Bag


Juliette`s Kiss ~ ~ ~ ~ A Liquid Metal Choker She heard somewhere a quote, which dropped itself in her lap during a time when everything was getting to her. It's author was anonymous. It didn't matter.

She decided from that day forward to begin living them:
Life is short
~Break the rules
~Forgive quickly
~Kiss slowly
~Love truly
~Laugh uncontrollably
~And never regret anything that made you smile

She is now looking for someone to practice #3 with!

Juliette has fun. She wears her Liquid Metal choker whenever she has the chance...to the grocery store, to baseball games with her nephew, to play pool with her girlfriends. She even wore it to see Kris Kristopherson and Emmylou Harris!

See Studio Nouveau's full assortment of Liquid Metal Mesh necklaces, Liquid Metal bracelets and cuffs, Liquid Metal chokers, Liquid Metal belts, Liquid Metal rings, and other Liquid Metal Jewelry by clicking on the category, "Jewelry".

A five diamond patterned choker with chain space between each of them, for a slinky feel. "Juliette" is from Sergio Gutierrez' Liquid Metal Mesh Jewelry line. It is the smallest width of all the Liquid Metal chokers.

Easy Snap Closure with several positions to adjust the fit.

Measures 14-1/2" x 5/8"
Portia`s Purrr ~ A Liquid Metal Bracelet She howls at the full moon. She howls when she feels like it.
Her cat looks at her, like she's taken one too many herbs.

She read something that resonated within her...
because she realized it had been her experience;
"Your own words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize. Your words are the greatest power you have. The words you choose and their use establish the life you experience."
She thinks, "What a woman that Sonia Croquette must be...to make such a statement!"

Portia looks at her wrist. A lovely pattern of negative spaces breathes lightness into her new bracelet. Although it is a medium wide Liquid Metal Bracelet, it is airy, and moves with...."purrs", her cat says. Purrs? He insists.
OK, it moves with purrs. I have to agree with you sometimes...even when you're are being silly!

From the Classic Collection, Portia's Purr is made of nickel plated ball chain.

Colombian born, Sergio Gutierrez is the fabulous designer of Liquid Metal Mesh Jewelry. We love him!

Liquid Metal Bracelets are sometimes referred to by our customers as Liquid Silver, Some of these chain mail like bracelets have the feel of a cuff.

See our full assortment of Liquid Metal bracelets, necklaces, chokers, belts, rings, and other, Liquid Metal Jewelry, by clicking on the category, "jewelry".

Easy Snap Closure
Measures 7-1/2" x 1-3/4"


There is a drop down box on the order page that will allow you to order plus or minus 1/2" sizes.

Remember there is a 1/2" overlap at the snap.

Bracelets are measured from tip to tip. Please allow an additional 1-2" for movement. Liquid Metal bracelets should have slinky feel.

Here are some guidelines:
If your wrist measures 6-1/2", order a standard size.
If you measure 6" or a little smaller, order a -1/2"
If you measure 7" or a little larger, order a +1/2"
If you measure 7-1/2" or a little larger,order a +1"
Please call us if you need a different size. There is a 8 to 10 week wait for all other sizes.

Please call us if you need help with sizing: 707 865 2461
Emerald Waters ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace ~ Within My Loden World

Through Loden I peer Onto vastness, ever changing Amongst sage havens Protected by the fierce howling Calmed by the raging blind wind Calmed by a tormented Sea
Through Loden I stride Hearing that whose source unknown... Finds me Feeds me Foals me And sometimes fails me And yet I follow her
Through Loden I pretend And my steady hand falters As focus drifts by Like a pregnant cloud Who is only a wisp She kisses my skin And taps my bare shoulder Vulnerable yet forgiven
Through Loden will truth find me? Does innocence hide me? Does that which is missing Lead me astray? Is jade a color only? Or jaded, is my innocence Stroked by calloused hands
Through Loden I flourish Waltzing first And suddenly within a dream Within his arms The world never existed If I never awoke I would gladly stay Forever in that moment For I am her melody I am her soul
Through Loden my image is reflected Forbid that time should overcome me... In this game of chess we play Over murky water but still... Bubbles of life are floating Which I taste and fill my lungs
Through Loden Moss too, is frail Upon its bed I lie Cool and moist and living Molding to my curves Sculpted by tiny beings I wonder if they too Question themselves
By definition, Loden is a particular shade of green. It is named after a water resistant woolen fabric used in Bavaria for capes and jackets. It is not as murky as a forest green, but has more moss to it. It is my favorite green; rich, fragrant, and the one I like most reflected in my eyes. Why, you ask? Because it reminds me of the verdant force within me.
Emerald Waters is worn by those of us who feel poetry; for it is not the words themselves that are important, but how they make you feel when you are reading them.

Liquid Metal Jewelry is a meticulously soldiered, nickel plated, ball chain mesh, designed by world renowned jewlery artist/designer, Sergio Gutierrez. A Columbian born designer, Sergio is known for his sensuous line of Liquid Metal and Liquid Metal Jewelry.

See Studio Nouveau's full assortment of Liquid Metal Mesh necklaces, Liquid Metal bracelets and cuffs, Liquid Metal chokers, Liquid Metal belts, Liquid Metal rings, and other Liquid Metal Jewelry by clicking on the category, "Jewelry".

Easy Snap closure Measures 18" x 1/1/4" Emerald stone is a fine Swarovski Crystal.
Also available in Crystal Clear Swarovski
Mystique Mesh Bag There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.

A markedly sophisticated scent settles in your nostrils as you pass her, sitting with the posture of a ballerina. Something about her causes you to watch any and every move she makes; discerning where she comes from, what she's thinking, where she's been and where her travels might take her. Mystique wraps her, like cashmere kissing her neck. She wears this bag.

With white vinyl lining and a zipper close; Mystique is gathered so sweetly...pictures do her absolutely no justice. I adore this purse!

Chain link strap is about 15"

Measures 7-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 1/2"

All bag and purse sales are final.
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