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Scarlet`s Wedding


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I Belong


Click to see details of Cleopatra Queen ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace

Cleopatra Queen ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace


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Lucia ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace


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Full of Love Belt


Scarlet`s Wedding Scarlet was French. She had shiney, straight, brunette hair, a sly smile, and those fabulous cheekbones from saying, "Merci" to all her fans, who followed her sweet, sultry performances.
Ah... the life of a Chantuesse.
Of course her songs were mostly of loves lost...and she worried that since she'd finally found the man who truly "saw" her, and was about to be carried off on the back of his black steed, wearing her sleek satin gown, that she might lose the emotions behind those songs that had been her life. She worried and worried, until finally she thought, "Which is the worst of these agonies...to have that "something is missing" feeling or to lose her great understanding of what it is to be "blue"? She said "OK...I will". Although it looked like tapastry, in fact her exquisite purse was made of a durable acrylic resin. The elegantly beaded strap was detachable so that she carried it as a clutch when she dined...yet it was long enough to slip over her shoulder and neck when she was on the run, or on the back of a running horse. It was wide enough to carry her full sized black pencil...weaponry for a songwriter...ever prepared for the moment when it hit, and she dropped everything to scrawl the idea down. Room enough for her cel phone, lipstick, and so beautiful, she didn't really even need a necklace.

Magnetic snap closure.

Measures 10" Wide x 4" Tall x
2" Deep
I Belong I was standing on a ladder, washing my window when he walked into Studio Nouveau.
His silver hair was pony-tailed back. He wore Ray Bans...inside the store! Of course one cannot help but wonder if the guy was practicing mystery...perhaps he had a hangover? About a half hour latter, he came out. I was already enchanted...and still am!

His eyes are a soft brown that
has seen a lot, and synthesized that lot into an arsenal of fabulous stories I apparently
have a deficit of.

We spoke of everything from hunting a boar with rifle vs. bow and arrow, to a paper he wrote as a youth on Spinster English, to the lack of bolo-ties in Texas. I even taught him the fine art of eating an exotic chocolate bar. He seemed to like that!

Now, I can't get his voice out of my head...nor John Denver's "I belong...in West Virginia..." Indeed, that is where this anomaly in these parts originated. And so I count the minutes when I will be blessed by another visit from James.

Made in Italy, of Antique brass, this horse clock is something you might see in West Virginia. With its stallion atop a mountain...surly in Appalachia, what a great way to hold the time.

A quartz movement frees you from having to wind it.
The batteries are, of course, replaceable.

Approximately 14-3/4" x 5" x 12-1/5" tall.
Cleopatra Queen ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace And what a Queen she was...
Charisma, wit, intelligence, and a dedicated understanding of perfumery and its effects on others, were some of the attributes Cleopatra relied upon.

In fact, it is said that Cleopatra was not a great beauty. Apparently, she didnt need to be! What a lesson to us all, in this day and age of the image. Given the choice we all have, isnt it an exciting challenge to make up where the Gods left off? Or perhaps the Gods were specific in their intentions, inciting us to inform ourselves with character and spiritual health.

Cleopatra was Greek. She came from a line of rulers called the Ptolemy, whose reign began at the fall of Alexander the Great. Cleopatra was not only the last of the Egyptian Pharaohs, she was the only one to take the time to learn the Egyptian language.
Early on, she co-ruled with her two brothers, both of whom she married.

Cleopatra won the heart of Julius Caesar, after escaping a near execution from one of those brothers, by presenting herself, rolled up in a fine Persian carpet at Caesars feet. Their love affair carried on until his murder.

Though she bore him a son, "Cesarion", the Roman climate did not allow him the throne, and the co-ruler ship fell to Caesar's nephew, Octavion, and (much to Cleopatra's delight) Mark Antony. Oh my what a delicious fellow he was!

This most fabulous of historic sagas continues in another Liquid Metal Story. 'Search' for "Cleopatra's Kiss", coming soon!

Note: There are no exchanges on sale items. Please choose carefully.

Measures 18 x 1
Lucia ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace A Latin word, Lucia means light.
We gave this beautiful name to one of our favorite Liquid Metal Chokers.

One of my favorite themeslight is wisdom. Light is understanding. Light is the absence of darkness. We are all made of light, as is everything around us. And if that doesnt stir your imagination, try the idea that all of those electrons making up that light have consciousness. A lofty concept when you ponder it further! Especially if you begin projecting beautiful thoughts from your stream of consciousness, into the world. Speak them out loud. Sing them. Wait and see what happens!

Lucia is a perfect choker. It is the sister to the Laurens Answer bracelet.

From the Liquid Metal Jewelry, Classic Collection, this piece travels well, with boots, jeans, heels, or a georgette suit.
It is smashing!

See Studio Nouveau's full assortment of Liquid Metal necklaces, Liquid Metal bracelets, Liquid Metal chokers, Liquid Metal belts, Liquid Metal rings, and other Liquid Metal Jewelry by clicking on the category, "Jewelry".

Easy Snap Closure with several positions to adjust the fit.

Measures 14-1/2" x 7/8"
Full of Love Belt Full of Love Liquid Metal Belt has more hearts than you can count, reminding us to unfurl that brow and kill em with kindness. It's amazing how whenever I do that instead of standing with my hands on my hips and thinking every cuss word in the book, the outcome is blessed!

Measures 1-1/2" x 37" One length only
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