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Click to see details of Angelica`s Liquid Metal Ring

Angelica`s Liquid Metal Ring


Click to see details of Emerald Waters ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace ~

Emerald Waters ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace ~


Click to see details of Serpent`s Dream ~ Liquid Metal Snake Necklace

Serpent`s Dream ~ Liquid Metal Snake Necklace


Angelica`s Liquid Metal Ring Angelica wears rings to suit her mood. This is the one she chooses when she feels the need for a little more strength. You see her friends and family all think she's the solid rock they can depend on. Men are mostly afraid of her because she just does what she wants...and finds success through her innocent pursuit of those endeavors. She is sometimes a bit intense to people who aren't used to her forthrightedness. The combination of all these facets will occassionally get her into trouble. Because through all her strengths, there is also frailty. So she sits and cries, writes and talks to her cat. When she looks at this ring on her finger, she remembers to be herself...because that has been what's carried her through life so far...without fail.

A creation by Columbian designer, Sergio Gutierrez, for his Liquid Metal Jewelry collection of unique, fun, and strikingly fabulous art to wear. Mesh jewelry made of nickel plated ball chain, Sophia's Ring is slightly flexible when you wiggle it on and off.

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Liquid Metal Jewelry by clicking on the category, "Jewelry".

Size: 3/4"
Swarovsky crystals come in Clear Zirconia, Emerald, Peridot, Topaz, Pink, Ruby, Aqua Blue and Blue Sappire.
Shown in Pink
Crystal colors may have to be ordered.
Emerald Waters ~ A Liquid Metal Necklace ~ Within My Loden World

Through Loden I peer Onto vastness, ever changing Amongst sage havens Protected by the fierce howling Calmed by the raging blind wind Calmed by a tormented Sea
Through Loden I stride Hearing that whose source unknown... Finds me Feeds me Foals me And sometimes fails me And yet I follow her
Through Loden I pretend And my steady hand falters As focus drifts by Like a pregnant cloud Who is only a wisp She kisses my skin And taps my bare shoulder Vulnerable yet forgiven
Through Loden will truth find me? Does innocence hide me? Does that which is missing Lead me astray? Is jade a color only? Or jaded, is my innocence Stroked by calloused hands
Through Loden I flourish Waltzing first And suddenly within a dream Within his arms The world never existed If I never awoke I would gladly stay Forever in that moment For I am her melody I am her soul
Through Loden my image is reflected Forbid that time should overcome me... In this game of chess we play Over murky water but still... Bubbles of life are floating Which I taste and fill my lungs
Through Loden Moss too, is frail Upon its bed I lie Cool and moist and living Molding to my curves Sculpted by tiny beings I wonder if they too Question themselves
By definition, Loden is a particular shade of green. It is named after a water resistant woolen fabric used in Bavaria for capes and jackets. It is not as murky as a forest green, but has more moss to it. It is my favorite green; rich, fragrant, and the one I like most reflected in my eyes. Why, you ask? Because it reminds me of the verdant force within me.
Emerald Waters is worn by those of us who feel poetry; for it is not the words themselves that are important, but how they make you feel when you are reading them.

Liquid Metal Jewelry is a meticulously soldiered, nickel plated, ball chain mesh, designed by world renowned jewlery artist/designer, Sergio Gutierrez. A Columbian born designer, Sergio is known for his sensuous line of Liquid Metal and Liquid Metal Jewelry.

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Easy Snap closure Measures 18" x 1/1/4" Emerald stone is a fine Swarovski Crystal.
Also available in Crystal Clear Swarovski
Serpent`s Dream ~ Liquid Metal Snake Necklace Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is derived from the story of Cleopatra and Marc Antony.

After being defeated at the Battle of Actium on September 2, 31 BC, by Augustus Caesar (Also known as Octavius) and his formidable general, Marcus Agrippa, Cleopatra and Marc Antony fled to their home in Alexandria, the heart and soul of Cleopatra's vast and wealthy empire. It took some months before Octavius came for them. Several small battles were fought in the interim. Finally, as his army pressed upon them, Marc Antony tried and failed in one last battle. He heard news that Cleopatra was dead. Some say he heard that she was making arrangements to join Octavius. He fell upon his sword...the Roman' version of dying with courage. He was brought to Cleopatra's tomb, where she lay sealed, in waiting with all of Egypt's treasure. Her plan was to burn it to the ground if Octavius refused her son the right to rule Egypt.

Marc Antony was brought to her, bleeding to death. She had him hoisted through a window in the upper reaches of the tomb. He died in her arms. As she suffered the anguish of his loss, one of Octavius' soldiers was lifted through that same window. He captured her...dagger in hand. Within the next couple of weeks, Cleopatra conceded to join Octavius in Rome, provided that he allow her to properly bury Marc Antony in her tomb. She began an elaborate funeral ritual...with prayer, food and treasure offerings to accompany him in the afterlife. Amongst those goodies was a seemingly innocent basket of figs. Unbeknown to Octavius' soldiers, two Asps had been smuggled inside that fig basket and awaited their particular moment in history. The Asp is a small snake from the Cobra family. It is said that Cleopatra tested the venom of many poisons and poisonous snakes to see which caused the least pain. The victim of an asp bite becomes sleepy and euphoric, as they quietly pass into the underworld. Much to Octavius' dismay, two marks were discovered on the arm of a dead Cleopatra; the most exquisite of queens.

Cleopatra's patron goddess was Isis and thus during and for hundreds of years after her reign it was believed that she was the re-incarnation and embodiment of the goddess of wisdom. Cult tombs were found throughout Egypt and abroad, in honor of Cleopatra.
Cleopatra's life is one of the most romantic stories ever told. Besides being the lover and wife of the two most powerful men in the world's history, she nurtured a country from its knees to become the wealthiest of its time. A great lover of education, Cleopatra's Alexandria was the world's intellectual epicenter. Most people don't realize that Cleopatra had not a drop of Egyptian blood, but was of Greek/Macedonian decent. In addition to her native Greek tongue, she spoke 8 languages, wrote numerous books ranging from perfumery to medical treaties. She was an astute politician, businesswoman and I would imagine a ravishing lover.

Serpent's Dream is our homage to Cleopatra Wear it in her name. Wear it with honor, faith and integrity. Wear it with all the love you have in you!

From Sergio Gutierrez' Snake Collection,Serpent's Dream is nickel plated.

For the perfect match, see the Cobra earrings. Find them, and the world's largest collection of Liquid Metal Jewelry by scrolling through "Liquid Metal Jewelry" at the top of the left menu.

Measures 19" x 1"...with a 3 inch adjustable chain.
Easy claw closure
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