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Click to see details of Art Nouveau Napkin Holder

Art Nouveau Napkin Holder


Click to see details of Diagonal Dream Liquid Metal Bracelet

Diagonal Dream Liquid Metal Bracelet


Click to see details of Alexander`s Wife

Alexander`s Wife


Click to see details of Sophia`s Liquid Metal Ring

Sophia`s Liquid Metal Ring


Click to see details of Angelica`s Liquid Metal Ring

Angelica`s Liquid Metal Ring


Click to see details of Morticia  ~ A Liquid Metal Ring ~

Morticia ~ A Liquid Metal Ring ~


Click to see details of I Belong

I Belong


Click to see details of Cyprus~A Liquid Metal Necklace

Cyprus~A Liquid Metal Necklace


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Art Nouveau Napkin Holder Studio Nouveau's Art Nouveau Napkin or Letter holder is made in Italy, of course. This sensuous, two sided holder is a lovely accent for a dining table, or desk.

Amid classic, flowing Art Nouveau "Whiplash" motifs, our lady guardian with long hair and a serene expression is a sight to behold.

Cast Antique Brass Measures 10" Wide 4" Deep 8" Tall

Also available in silver plate, listed separately.
Diagonal Dream Liquid Metal Bracelet I've always thought this the perfect Liquid Metal bracelet for an art gallery visit. Diagonal Dream Bracelet has an avant-garde edge due to the fact that you can snap it only once at the top, and let it's mesh tails fall down onto your hand. It is chic, modern, and wonderful also, when both snaps are closed. Fabricated with nickel ball chain, this is a bracelet from Sergio Gutierrez', Liquid Metal Jewelry, Classic Collection.

See Studio Nouveau's full assortment of Liquid Metal bracelets, necklaces, chokers, belts, rings, and other Liquid Metal Jewelry by clicking on the category, "Jewelry".

Double snap closure
Measures 7-5/8" x 1-3/4"

There is a drop down box on the order page that will allow you to order plus or minus 1/2" sizes.

Remember there is a 1/2" overlap at the snap.

Bracelets are measured from tip to tip. Please allow an additional 1-2" for movement. Liquid Metal bracelets should have slinky feel.

Here are some guidelines:
If your wrist measures 6-1/2", order a standard size.
If you measure 6" or a little smaller, order a -1/2"
If you measure 7" or a little larger, order a +1/2"
If you measure 7-1/2" or a little larger,order a +1"
Please call us if you need a different size. There is a 8 to 10 week wait for all other sizes.

Please call us if you need help with sizing: 707 865 2461
Alexander`s Wife Alexander was a poet, a master archer, and quantum mechanics theorist. His wife? she played the cello. She wore velvet when she wasn't riding her horse or flinging arrows with Alexander. Regularly, they would dress up for one another. It didn't have to be a special occassion...they simply enjoyed adorning themselves for their long chats, as they contemplated the cosmos, listened to the crickets, or kissed. She carried her lipstick, the small bone comb that Alexander made her, and a finely embroidered green handkerchief in her Black Art Nouveau purse. It was another gift you would have thought Alexander had brought from a Parisian antique dealer. In fact, it was designed by the famous mother, daughter team, Maya. Cast in black acrylic resin, with lace-like accents in antique gold and green.
Magnetic Snap Closure
Measures 6-1/2" Wide x 4-1/4" Tall x 3" Deep
9-1/2' from top of handle to bottom of purse.
Sophia`s Liquid Metal Ring Sophia loved life. She was not afraid of much...and took on the world as if anything was possible. When she decided to study sculpture, everyone said,"Why would you pursue sculpture, you won't be able to do anything with that!" Sophia disagreed. For her, life was sculpture...and everything she looked at was art; from the sadness of those who suffered, to the changing colors and forms of fruit, the sound inside a tunnel, or the way people's hair looked when they got up in the morning. She considered the world beautiful, and dressing herself, one of the delights of being alive.

One of her favorite rings, was one by Sergio Gutierrez, famous sculptor of the cool, exciting and downright wicked line called Liquid Metal Jewelry. She had one in every color. The best quality crystal money could buy, Swarovski. The fine, silver plated ball chain used in these pieces is soldered and antiqued for a wonderful affect. They are flexible laying down, but do not stretch.

See Studio Nouveau's full assortment of Liquid Metal bracelets, necklaces, chokers, belts, rings, and other sundry items in photo thumbnails by clicking on the category, "Jewelry" in the left menu.

Measures 1" Wide

Crystals available in:
Light Rose Aqua Blue Crystal Clear Purple Tanzanite

Crystals may have to be ordered in some sizes.
Angelica`s Liquid Metal Ring Angelica wears rings to suit her mood. This is the one she chooses when she feels the need for a little more strength. You see her friends and family all think she's the solid rock they can depend on. Men are mostly afraid of her because she just does what she wants...and finds success through her innocent pursuit of those endeavors. She is sometimes a bit intense to people who aren't used to her forthrightedness. The combination of all these facets will occassionally get her into trouble. Because through all her strengths, there is also frailty. So she sits and cries, writes and talks to her cat. When she looks at this ring on her finger, she remembers to be herself...because that has been what's carried her through life so far...without fail.

A creation by Columbian designer, Sergio Gutierrez, for his Liquid Metal Jewelry collection of unique, fun, and strikingly fabulous art to wear. Mesh jewelry made of nickel plated ball chain, Sophia's Ring is slightly flexible when you wiggle it on and off.

See Studio Nouveau's full assortment of Liquid Metal bracelets, necklaces, chokers, belts, rings, and other
Liquid Metal Jewelry by clicking on the category, "Jewelry".

Size: 3/4"
Swarovsky crystals come in Clear Zirconia, Emerald, Peridot, Topaz, Pink, Ruby, Aqua Blue and Blue Sappire.
Shown in Pink
Crystal colors may have to be ordered.
Morticia ~ A Liquid Metal Ring ~ She dances in the shadows, prefers the moonlight on her cheeks, strums the Shamisen for the carnivorous plant she named Cleopatra, dusts her face with backing soda, and considers the profane sacred! For Morticia, enlightenment wears a sly smile and plays tricks on people who are too serious. She finds humor in the twisted, visits homes for the schizophrenic just to listen to the stories the voices are telling.

Colombian designer, Sergio Gutierrez, created Morticia's Ring for his Liquid Roots Collection. The newest in the Liquid Metal Jewelry, art to wear; this chic line is a mesh jewelry made of silver plated ball chain. Morticia's Ring is slightly flexible when you wiggle it on and off. Wicked enough for Morticia, wicked enough for you!

See our full assortment of Liquid Metal bracelets, necklaces, chokers, belts, rings, and other sundry items in photo thumbnails by clicking on the category, "Liquid Metal Jewelry" at the top of the left menu.

Measures 1-1/4"
Shown in Ruby Crystal
Swarovski crystals come in Clear Zirconia Emerald Peridot Topaz Pink Ruby Aqua Blue Blue Sapphire Crystal colors may have to be ordered.
Available in sizes 6 to 8 Morticia, sister to Morticia's Wings Liquid Metal Bracelet
I Belong I was standing on a ladder, washing my window when he walked into Studio Nouveau.
His silver hair was pony-tailed back. He wore Ray Bans...inside the store! Of course one cannot help but wonder if the guy was practicing mystery...perhaps he had a hangover? About a half hour latter, he came out. I was already enchanted...and still am!

His eyes are a soft brown that
has seen a lot, and synthesized that lot into an arsenal of fabulous stories I apparently
have a deficit of.

We spoke of everything from hunting a boar with rifle vs. bow and arrow, to a paper he wrote as a youth on Spinster English, to the lack of bolo-ties in Texas. I even taught him the fine art of eating an exotic chocolate bar. He seemed to like that!

Now, I can't get his voice out of my head...nor John Denver's "I belong...in West Virginia..." Indeed, that is where this anomaly in these parts originated. And so I count the minutes when I will be blessed by another visit from James.

Made in Italy, of Antique brass, this horse clock is something you might see in West Virginia. With its stallion atop a mountain...surly in Appalachia, what a great way to hold the time.

A quartz movement frees you from having to wind it.
The batteries are, of course, replaceable.

Approximately 14-3/4" x 5" x 12-1/5" tall.
Cyprus~A Liquid Metal Necklace Cyprus for love.
Cyprus for beauty.
Grace finds you when you place her around your collar.
She saunters in, with flowing gowns, radiantly smiling, sizzling with passion for life...and everyone knows it.

Aphrodite whispered to Shakespeare one night in a dream, "Love goes toward love".
Don't you think those are words to live by?

A complex of six chains, remeniscent of ripples on a philosophical lake, cascade from the lower neck to bliss.
Our exquisite Liquid Metal Necklace easily links in the back. I imagine that Sergio Gutierrez made this one for his wife...who I'm sure is a descendent of Aphrodite herself!

Liquid Metal Jewelry is nickel/silver ball chain that has been meticulously soldered into unique art to wear. Sergio's Liquid Metal operation is happily located in the USA. Studio Nouveau salutes all the wonderful people who work with him...we love you!

Easy claw clip closure.
Measures 18" x 6-1/4"
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